9,000 hours of learning (and counting)…

In this era of global connectedness, teachers are getting together to exchange ideas beyond their disciplines and across borders like never before. Recently, we looked at 15 months of activity from Navitas teachers and asked:

Outside the activities in their own college, how extensive is teacher participation in global professional development and networks?

Our data shows that our teachers are actively engaging in global Navitas professional development courses, workshops and events, with more than 2,500 attendances and 9,000 hours clocked up between them (that’s over a year of active brain power!).

Our teachers are also generous in sharing their practice with the wider professional community. In just over a year, 129 passionate teaching staff co-created over 300 blog articles, webinars and recordings. Topics and authors are diverse, with some of our most popular posts featuring Canadian colleges sharing student mental health strategies, UK colleagues laying bare their designs for critical thinking modules and Australian teachers reviewing experiences testing EdTech in the classroom.  

Are we being heard? Absolutely! Analytics tell us there have been over 77,000 views of this teacher-generated content from 140+ countries. That includes over 9,000 referrals from social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and our internal platform, Yammer.

Catch those highlights again below:

With engagement like this, the future looks bright for our teacher communities across Navitas. Going forward, expect even more involvement and sharing from more teachers in more of our colleges around the world. To support them, Navitas Learning and Teaching Services are working on a tool to help categorise and track professional development across six benchmarked teaching domains, supporting different levels of engagement and recognising the varied ways in which teachers can engage, apply and evaluate their own learning over time.

See more about what’s happening with teachers and professional development on Yammer , or browse the PD and events page to see what’s coming up next!