Building teacher capability: Teaching Excellence at Navitas domains

Building teacher capability is essential to enhance the student learning experience. At Navitas, we aim to have teachers with a range of capabilities and who embrace learning and teaching challenges and are responsive to changes in the education environment. Teaching Excellence at Navitas (TEN) is a strategic and innovative approach to the delivery and management of academic staff’s professional development, offering online modules to Navitas academic staff globally. The modules are designed with a focus on contemporary teaching approaches, strategies and effective use of learning technologies, and aligned to the Higher Education Standards Framework.

In addition to building teaching capability, TEN offers a means to benchmark, evidence performance, progress and impact as appropriate across the diversity of learning and teaching contexts at Navitas colleges. Recognition can be achieved through digital badges and through Advance Higher Education (Advance HE) Fellowship.

TEN domains

TEN comprises specific knowledge, skills and applications which contribute to teaching excellence across seven independent domains. Each module is aligned to the Capability Framework and each capability is mapped to one of the seven domains in TEN below.

  1. Designing and Planning Curriculum
  2. Facilitating Student Learning
  3. Optimising Digital Technologies
  4. Enhancing Assessment and Feedback
  5. Enhancing the Student Experience
  6. Reflecting on Teaching Practice
  7. Engaging in Scholarship of Learning and Teaching

TEN Delivery Strategy

The modules are flexible, with each module consisting of approximately three to five hours of learning that can be completed asynchronously. Each professional development module is designed to support teaching staff in the delivery of high-quality student learning experiences. Scroll down to view each of the domains and follow the links to the available modules in each domain.


Designing and Planning Curriculum

This collection of capabilities enables you to make purposeful, evidence informed decisions about designing and planning curriculum.

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Facilitating Student Learning

This collection of capabilities enables you to engage students with strategies to progress their achievement of learning outcomes.

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Optimising Digital Technologies

This collection of capabilities enables you to intentionally use digital technologies to enhance student learning experiences.

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Enhancing Assessment and Feedback

This collection of capabilities enables you to design and implement assessment practice to enhance student learning.

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Enhancing the Student Experience

This collection of capabilities enables you to promote a culture that fosters student learning, wellbeing and progression.

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Reflecting on Teaching Practice

This collection of capabilities enables you to reflect on your learning and teaching practice, as well as apply scholarly models of critical reflection.

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Engaging in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

This collection of capabilities enables you to evaluate your learning and teaching practice as well as conduct scholarly learning and teaching enquiries.

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 from this domain.

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