Retention in the Navitas Context: Supporting student retention and success

What factors impact the retention and success of Navitas students? How can we support our students as they transition to higher education, and help them to develop a sense of institutional belonging, connection, and community?

A new Teaching Excellence at Navitas (TEN) module allows staff to explore these questions and curate a collection of strategies to support their students’ success and retention.

Navitas academic and student services staff are invited to enrol in new Teaching Excellence at Navitas (TEN) Retention and Student Success module, “Retention in the Navitas Context”.

“Retention in the Navitas Context” explores retention and student success, and why it is a critical element of Navitas’ strategic goal of delivering world class quality through excellent student outcomes.

Participants in this module will further their understanding of non-traditional students and the unique challenges and barriers that they may experience in gaining access to higher education, and across the student lifecycle. They will explore how to foster a sense of institutional belonging and connection to increase student motivation and resilience, while developing a repertoire of student support and wellbeing strategies to help students navigate the transition to higher education. Participants will delve into key drivers of student retention at Navitas colleges and consider how these can be leveraged to improve student outcomes. In the final task, participants will design a teacher-led transition strategy to support their learners to navigate the transition to higher education.

On successful competition of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Define retention as it applies to the Navitas context and describe the key drivers of retention (Knowledge).
  • Identify teaching and support strategies to enhance the student learning experience and support students to achieve positive outcomes (Skills).
  • Design a teacher-led transition strategy to support learners to navigate the transition to higher education (Application).

To ensure that the module is based on the Navitas context, this module has been reviewed by members of the Teaching Excellence at Navitas (TEN) Community of Practice (comprising of academic staff from each UPA College) and their feedback has helped to strengthen its content.

What are participants saying about this module?

It’s a good resource for all admin as well as teaching staff to understand the student journey and ways we can help retain maximum students.
Sometimes we overlook significant factors, reasons and motives behind many actions of students. I observe my colleagues complaining about students but not thinking about the reasons behind their actions. So, I will recommend it to my colleagues to have a look at this module.

More modules coming soon!

Aligned to the UPA Student Retention and Success project, our new suite of TEN-Retention modules aims to increase knowledge and awareness of retention and develop skills to enhance student engagement, create a sense of belonging, and build capability in the use of student analytics. Additional modules that will soon be added to the TEN-Retention suite, include:

  • Introduction to Student Analytics
  • Using Moodle Data to Support Student Success
  • Designing Inclusive and Equitable Learning Experiences for Diverse Learners

TEN modules are available via the TEN Catalogue on the Learning and Teaching at Navitas website and are accessible on the L&T Services Moodle platform. Each module requires approximately 3-5 hours to complete. Upon successful completion of a TEN module, participants earn a Navitas digital badge.

Contact Learning & Teaching Services at Navitas via email for more information.


Photo by Julien Christ on Unsplash