Student Retention and Success at Navitas

A key strategic area for Navitas is the Student Retention and Success project. This data-driven project aims to provide better integration of systems and enable the linkage of rich data to a range of student retention factors across the student lifecycle to improve student outcomes.

There are four primary areas to support student retention and success:

  • Data and Insights
  • Learning Analytics
  • Student Retention and Success Playbook
  • Staff Professional Development

Data and Insights

Data and insights will involve a multi-pronged approach that includes an:

  • analysis of key data metrics as identified through a pilot project
  • examination of historical trends related to student retention and success
  • analysis of student intervention strategies and their impact over the past three years

One of the key deliverables arising from data and insights is a student retention and at-risk dashboard for colleges to enable monitoring of student progression, identify at-risk students, and evaluate the impact of current retention strategies.

Learning Analytics

The use of learning analytics will be applied to identify and predict students at risk of withdrawal and will provide interventions early in the student journey. An example of the application of learning analytics can be found in the Griffith College case study.

A Learning Analytics Community of Practice was established for teachers and student support staff to enable collaborate on the design, development, implementation and evaluation of a learning analytics framework and prototype, as well as build capability in the use of data and learning analytics.

Student Retention and Success Playbook

In collaboration with colleges, a Student Retention and Success Playbook is in development, aimed at providing a vehicle to collate, showcase and scale best practice occurring across Navitas regarding successful student retention strategies to improve student outcomes.

The Playbook aims to strengthen the socialisation of strategies related to student retention and success. Using college-based case studies, the Playbook will educate and support staff regarding retention drivers as well as best practice by conveying ideas, processes, strategies, and evidence of impact.

Professional Development

A suite of Teaching Excellence at Navitas (TEN) professional development modules will be developed to build teacher capability in the improvement of student retention and success. Academic staff will have the opportunity to undertake TEN-Retention modules aimed to increase knowledge and awareness of retention, develop skills to enhance student engagement, create a sense of belonging within students, and build capability in the use of learning analytics.

The following TEN-Retention modules will be available to staff in 2022 (with further modules to be added in 2023):

  • Retention in the Navitas Context
  • Introduction to Learning Analytics
  • Using Moodle Data to Support Student Success
  • Designing Inclusive and Equitable Learning Experiences for Diverse Learners

Further, TEN-Retention modules are aligned to the TEN Capability Framework and mapped against TEQSA’s Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2021, Advance HE’s Professional Standards Framework, as well as retention and success best practice research. As recognition of successful completion of the modules, Navitas digital badges will be awarded.

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash