Co-designing global PD: Introducing TEN

At Navitas we encourage our teachers to transform the student learning experience by building a range of capabilities, embracing learning and teaching challenges, and being responsive to changes in the education environment. To support staff in the development of their skills to bring about this transformation, Learning and Teaching Services has launched Teaching Excellence at Navitas (TEN): a strategic and innovative approach to the delivery and management of academic staff’s professional development at Navitas.

Teaching and academic support staff will be able to explore a range of professional development (PD) offerings and access their current PD modules through the Learning & Teaching Moodle.

Explore the elements of TEN below:

    1. TEN Capability Framework
    2. Building teacher capability: TEN PD program
    3. Navitas Digital Badges
    4. Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program

TEN Capability Framework

The TEN Capability Framework is a framework which guides and supports our teaching and academic support staff in the delivery of high-quality student learning experiences. This framework also offers a means to discuss, benchmark and provide evidence for performance, progress and impact as appropriate across the diversity of learning and teaching contexts at Navitas.

Acknowledging the various teaching and academic support roles at Navitas, the framework offers definitions for the specific knowledge, skills and principles which contribute to ‘teaching excellence’ across seven interdependent domains. Learn more about the domains below (click on the image below to open a larger version and explore in more detail):


Building Teacher Capability | TEN PD program

As part of TEN, a suite of online professional development (PD) modules on teaching approaches, strategies and effective use of learning technologies will be offered. These modules are mapped to the seven domains in the TEN Capability Framework and are designed to support teaching staff in the delivery of high-quality student learning experiences.

The modules are flexible, each consisting of approximately three to five hours of learning completed online. More information on TEN modules is available on the TEN catalogue.

Navitas Digital Badges

Successful completion of a module’s final assessment task will enable participants to be awarded with a badge, representing a capability mapped to a domain within the TEN Capability Framework.

Learn more about the Navitas Digital Badges strategy here.

Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program

As part of TEN, the Navitas Advance HE Fellowship program will assist participants through the process of applying for Fellowship with Advance HE (previously known as Higher Education Academy). Learn more about the Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program here.