Flexible Learning professional development opportunities

A suite of online modules to support the delivery of high quality, student-centred Flexible Learning experiences is now available to Navitas academic staff, as part of Teaching Excellence at Navitas (TEN).

Navitas UPA colleges implemented Flexible Learning in response to not only the global Covid-19 pandemic, but to the needs and expectations of today’s students, and the benefits that flexibility and choice in learning can provide.

Flexibility allows our students to maintain and balance work, parenting, and other commitments with their educational endeavours. It allows regional and offshore students to engage in educational programs that may not have otherwise been accessible without requiring them to leave their homes and communities. It also provides a myriad of benefits for students with disabilities, and those who are in carers roles.

For UPA as a division, Flexible Learning is expected to also bring benefits such as reduced attendance issues, and increased student retention and success rates, setting us up to futureproof our business, which is vital in the competitive higher-education sector.

The Flexible Learning Design Program (FLDP) has now concluded, but there is an ongoing need to provide an avenue for new and existing Navitas teachers to upskill and build competency in Flexible Learning.

All UPA teachers are invited to enrol in Learning & Teaching Services’ four new Teaching Excellence at Navitas (TEN) Flexible Learning modules.

Whether you are new to Flexible Learning or completed the Flexible Learning Design Program (FLDP) and would like to extend your level of expertise, these modules will help you develop skills in designing and delivering engaging, student-centred Flexible Learning experiences.

The four TEN-Flexible Learning modules available are:

This module provides an overview of components, principles, pedagogy, and theoretical underpinnings of Flexible Learning

This module explores the application of the equivalency and versatility principles in the Flexible Learning context across synchronous and asynchronous modes of study.

This module provides you with strategies and processes to create accessible materials and activities across the three Flexible Learning modes.

This module helps you apply methods and approaches to facilitate acting and collaborative Flexible Learning experiences with a focus on concurrent teaching.

Each Flexible Learning module is self-paced and will take participants 3-5 hours to complete. Upon successful competition of the final task in each module, teachers will be awarded a Navitas digital badge.

Teachers who complete of all four modules in the Flexible Learning suite will also receive a Navitas digital macro badge, recognising mastery of the skills and concepts related to Flexible Learning, and verifying your completion of all four Flexible Learning modules.

Digital badges can be shared on social network sites (such as LinkedIn), or added to your email signature, website, or resume, allowing you to verify and showcase your skills, knowledge, and capabilities with a broader audience, including current and future employers.

To further develop your skills in designing and delivering engaging, student-centred Flexible Learning experiences, click the links above to enrol.

For more information, contact learningandteaching@navitas.com.

Feature photo by Tatiana Syrikova