Introduction to Flexible Learning


Open to
Navitas staff LL
Time commitment
3-5 hours L


About this module

In this module you will be introduced to Flexible Learning and understand its importance for learning and teaching across Navitas University Partnerships Australasia (UPA). You will explore the theoretical underpinnings of the model and its five core principles. You will review the Flexible Learning experience and reflect upon how the model may benefit your students, and your teaching practice. You will also consider lesson planning and activity and resource development within a Flexible Learning context, and you will design a weekly Flexible Learning plan to support you as you transition your unit and teaching practice to a Flexible Learning approach.

Learning outcomes

TEN modules are designed to support you with the delivery of high-quality student experiences, while building teaching capabilities, embracing learning and teaching challenges, and being responsive to changes in education. On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

Knowledge Articulate the components, principles, pedagogy, and theoretical underpinnings of Flexible Learning.
Skills Identify key components, design elements and principles of the Flexible Learning Moodle template. Compare and contrast tasks in different synchronous Flexible Learning modes.
Application Design a Flexible Learning weekly plan highlighting the synchronous learning experience and teaching practice before, during and after class.

Domain: Designing and Planning Curriculum

This collection of capabilities enables you to make purposeful, evidence informed decisions about designing and planning curriculum.


Introduction to Flexible Learning will be available on the L&T Moodle platform, and you will have continuous access to the module from when you start. There will be light-touch moderation, various activities and opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction, and an assessment task to submit at the end of the module. This module requires approximately 3-5 hours to complete. Further information will be provided in the module.

Successful completion

Upon successful completion of the final assessment task, you will be awarded with a Navitas badge for this module to add to your Credly backpack, and to share with others in your social network sites.