Navitas Flexible Learning Project

In 2020, Learning and Teaching Services (UPA) initiated a Flexible Learning Project with various Colleges across the University Partnerships Australasia (UPA) division.

The multi-faceted delivery available in Flexible Learning provides renewed opportunities for UPA Colleges to mitigate any disruptions to education and maintain their commitment to delivery an exceptional student experience, be it online or on campus. For the division, the new model aims to bring benefits such as improved engagement, student retention, and success rates.

Sponsored by Bev Hudson, CEO of University Partnerships Australia, the project was managed by a Steering Committee, and led by Project Owner Christina Del Medico (Director, Learning and Teaching Services). Constituent College members embarked on the Flexible Learning project by joining various specialist Working Groups, including a Learning Design and Teaching group, a Data Management and Technology group, and a Quality, Risk and Compliance group, amongst others. Working groups met on a regular basis throughout the first six months of the project until the project reached its operationalisation phase in 2021.

Additionally, Learning and Teaching Services (UPA) offered professional development to educators through the Flexible Learning Design Program, presenting a real opportunity for them to add to their already high-level skill set.

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