Flexible Learning Design Program

A vital aspect of the Navitas Flexible Learning Project is the Flexible Learning Design Program offered by Learning and Teaching Services (UPA) as professional development for educators.

Through the program, teachers develop capabilities to design and implement Flexible Learning in their units, underpinned by the principles of flexibility, equivalency, versatility, accessibility, and connectivity. The program supports teachers throughout the transition to Flexible Learning. It encourages participants to engage in various activities such as live sessions, discipline-based communities of practice and submissions of tasks for feedback and review. The program content and activities can also be accessed and completed asynchronously.

On completion of the Flexible Learning Design Program, participants are able to develop equivalencies of content and activities across all three learning modes as well as develop points of student collaboration and participation across the synchronous and asynchronous environment to enhance student connectedness and sense of belonging. Upon successful completion of the program teachers are awarded a Navitas “Flexible Learning Design” digital badge.

Together with the vital input of educators, Navitas continues to inspire and support innovation in learning and teaching. The implementation of Flexible Learning places Navitas at the forefront of education in Australasia, tapping into new student markets, future-proofing constituent Colleges against potential border closures and disruptions, and most importantly, always putting the students first.

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For more information on Flexible Learning contact Navitas Learning and Teaching Services (UPA): learningandteaching@navitas.com