Navitas L&T Services

Navitas has helped generations of learners change their lives through education. Our success is underpinned by our unparalleled international network, a peerless commitment to student experiences and outcomes, a track record of working in partnership with universities and industry, and a passion for discovering new technologies and models of teaching and learning that will improve education now and into the future.

Within Navitas, Learning and Teaching Services provides learning and teaching leadership across Navitas and enable innovation in teaching, learning and the student experience. We work closely with our academic leaders to provide expertise, educational technology advice, learning design and curriculum development services. Learning and Teaching Services provides a range of professional development activities for Navitas teaching staff globally including Teaching Excellence at Navitas (TEN) modules and the Navitas Advance HE Fellowship program.

​We have a thriving global network of experienced teachers and academic leaders who share best teaching practice, curriculum initiatives, and innovations in learning and teaching. Explore the website to find out more about the Navitas learning and teaching community.