Congratulations to our newest Navitas Advance HE Fellows

Advance HE Fellowship provides international recognition of professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education, with over 150,000 Fellows across 100 different countries (as of March 2022). Preparing an Advance HE Fellowship application requires deep reflection on teaching practice and alignment with the Professional Standards Framework, benchmarking success within higher education teaching and learning and a commitment to continuously improve your teaching and the student learning experience. Read more about Advance HE Fellowship here.

As a global member of Advance HE, Navitas aims to champion teaching excellence in higher education. The Navitas Advance HE Fellowship program is a wraparound support program that guides Navitas staff through the application process, creating a network of peer support and feedback. Since 2018, Navitas Learning and Teaching Services (UPA) has been supporting Navitas professional and academic members of staff through the process of writing their Advance HE Fellowship applications through the Navitas Advance HE Fellowship program. To date, 131 (and counting!) Navitas staff joined the program and have been awarded Fellowship, and today we are celebrating the newest 63 Fellows (listed below)!

Fellows from the 2021 program share their reflections on the experience:

The team at Navitas were incredibly supportive during the entire application process. The writing style and process is new for many academics, but everything you need to write a great application is available from Day 1 on the Navitas program site…The program was a fantastic opportunity to reflect on my career to date and also to meet colleagues from across many other Colleges.” – Catherine Sicurella SFHEA (Deakin College)

Obtaining SFHEA was an excellent opportunity to gain a globally recognised endorsement to my contributions in the practice of Higher Education. I am grateful for the high-quality support from colleagues at Navitas who helped me through this process. The documentation process, the reflective practice, and summarising my journey was very satisfying and will help contribute to my continuous professional development for my future endeavours.” – Thejaswi Padmanabha SFHEA (SAE – Sydney)

“Participating in the Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program and applying for Fellowship provided a unique professional development opportunity to collaborate with the Navitas L&T community and reflect on my extensive teaching experience working with university pathways programs for ELICOS. The reflective writing process involved in the Fellowship application was the part I found most rewarding since I could contemplate on the development of my teaching role and practice to enhance learning experiences and outcomes for international students from diverse socio-cultural, educational, and linguistic backgrounds.”  – Lorena Ajuria FHEA (CELUSA SAIBT)

The Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program provided great support for me in my Senior Fellowship application. The opportunity to provide drafts and receive feedback along the way was of great value.” – Jeffrey Skolnick SFHEA (Deakin College)

Senior Fellows (SFHEA)

Frances Rhodes (Curtin College)
Renuka Pathmasuntharam (Curtin College)
Shanal Uduwana (Deakin College)
Wendy Beatty (Deakin College)
Catherine Sicurella (Deakin College)
Jeffrey Skolnick (Deakin College)
Pearl Panickar (SAIBT)
Christa Viljoen (SAIBT)
Anisha Fernando (SAIBT)
Ashini Wesumperuma (WSUIC)
Antoinette Cevenini (WSUSCC)
Christine Chinchen (ACAP)
Margaret Carter (ACAP)
Donna Crotty (SAE – Byron)
Rachael Shea (SAE – Bryon)
Andrew Broadhead (SAE – Melbourne)
Gareth Parton (SAE – Melbourne)
Magali McDuffle (SAE – Perth)
Thejaswi Padmanabha (SAE – Sydney)
Reza Sarkamar (SAE – Sydney)
Sam Radvila (SAE – Zurich)
Mike McNeilis (SAE – UK)
Dan Ashman (SAE – UK)
Melissa Freites (SAE – SW Europe)
Natalie Berkman (SAE – Paris)
James McCormick (SAE – Liverpool)
Firdaus Khalid (SAE – Liverpool)
Carl Copeland (SAE – Liverpool)
Kate Corbin (SAE – Liverpool)
Orvar Thorvaldsson (SAE – Glasgow)

Fellows (FHEA)

Lorena Ajuria (CELUSA)
Simone Duncan (Curtin College)
Ajay Mahato (Deakin College)
Candice Thomas (Deakin College)
Deep Ram (Deakin College)
John Boyd (Deakin College)
Rupinder Sian (Deakin College)
Sahan Chandrawansa (Deakin College)
Puspa Muniandy (Deakin College)
Natasha Lau (Deakin College)
Amanda Seefeld (Deakin College)
Patricia Jones (Griffith College)
Anick Chouinard (Griffith College)
Fazeel Jaleel (SIBT)
Maria Santiago-Jolley (WSUIC)
Patricia Opoku-Wusu (ICRGU)
Rachel Joy (ACAP)
Louise Kolff (SAE – Byron)
Adam Quaife (SAE – Melbourne)
Brandon Davids (SAE – Perth)
Shelley Nordfelt (SAE – Perth)
Jesse Laurie (SAE – Perth)
Anthony Jones (SAE – Sydney)
Grace Kingston (SAE – Sydney)
Alex Nadal (SAE – Barcelona)
John Markey (SAE – Glasgow)
Simon Parnham (SAE – Glasgow)
Lyndon Ives (SAE – London)
Simon Fay (SAE – London)
Adam Lowe (SAE – UK)
Peter Gofton (SAE – London)

Associate Fellows (AFHEA)

Alex Hannah (SAE – Liverpool)
Matthew Chapman (SAE – London)


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