Introducing Navitas Core Moodle!

At the heart of learning in tertiary education is the learning management system. It provides a platform for learning activities, curriculum, assessment and communication between students and teachers. Here at Navitas, our most common learning management system across colleges worldwide is Moodle.

To keep up with expectations from our students, teachers and partners, learning technologies like Moodle need to be upgraded and refreshed on a regular basis – which is where Navitas Core Moodle steps up! Some of you may already be using it, and others scheduled to come aboard very soon.

But what exactly is it, and why is it so significant for us? Why Navitas ‘Core’ Moodle? And what happens next once the technology has rolled out?

Watch this short video to hear the answers to these questions and more from Maria Spies, General Manager of Learning & Teaching Services, and James Hamilton, Head of Learning Technologies & Systems.


If you’re interested in joining the conversation about Navitas Core Moodle, jump on in!

  • Watch the Introducing Navitas Core Moodle webinar here.
  • For new conversations and developments head to Yammer.
  • Sharing best practice happens right here! Get in touch with us if you know a superstar teacher or perhaps set up something special in Moodle yourself that you would like to share.
  • Home-made and freshly baked professional development is available too, from bite-sized showcases to instructor-led courses.