Celebrating Advance HE’s HEA Fellows

Learning & Teaching Services is delighted to announce that Advance HE in the UK has awarded Fellowship to 15 Navitas staff! Our latest Fellows join a growing community, which now includes over 118,000 Fellows based in over 90 countries. This number is a reflection of the commitment of individuals and institutions to ever improve teaching in higher education.

The Navitas HEA Fellowship program was created to support staff in their application for Fellowship, which recognises personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching. Across four categories from Associate to Principal, Fellowship provides individuals with recognition of their practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning.

Fellowships are awarded on the basis of successful and effective demonstration of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF).

Congratulations to the following Navitas staff on their achievements. Their demonstration of commitment to excellence in teaching and focus on impact for student learning is to be commended.

Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)

  • Jen Ng (Research and Communications Officer, L&T)

Fellowship (FHEA)

  • Alison Cutler (Unit Coordinator, Deakin College)
  • Ges Ng (Learning Designer, formerly at Navitas)
  • Jonathan Brown (Acting Convenor, SIBT)
  • Kooshan Mirzay Fashami (Lead Analyst, L&T)

Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)

  • Bernadette Hayes (Instructional Designer and Online Educator, SAE)
  • Dr. Michaela Munoz (Manager Learning and Teaching, Directorate of Academic Services, ACAP)
  • Dr. Mingming Diao (Senior Program Convenor for Communication & Blended Learning, WSUSCC/SIBT)
  • Ellen Cooper (Manager, Enhanced Delivery, ACAP)
  • Gemma Clarke (Academic Coordinator, Language, Learning & Teaching, Curtin College)
  • Karen McRae (Manager, Academic Education, L&T)
  • Santina Sculli (Academic Coordinator, La Trobe College Australia)
  • David Crowe (Film Dept. Coordinator, SAE)

Principal Fellowship (PFHEA)

  • Lucy Blakemore (Head of Customer Research and Insights (DCX), Navitas)
  • Silvija Dobson (Academic Director, SAIBT)

Fellows from the program share their inspirational accounts of how Fellowship has impacted them:

“As someone who is at the beginning of their career in higher education, applying for Associate Fellowship gave me the opportunity to deeply reflect and document how I am making a positive contribution in my practice. Being generously supported by HEA Fellows throughout the process has inspired a strong commitment to improving learning and teaching in higher education.”

– Jen Ng, AFHEA

“I applied for Fellowship largely because it gave me the opportunity to think deeply (and differently) about my teaching practice. It was also gratifying to gain formal recognition of my commitment to constantly question my reasons for various approaches, incorporating student feedback into my teaching and designing assessments which try to be as authentic as possible.”

 Alison Cutler, FHEA

“The HEA Fellowship helped me to reflect upon my practice and assess the tangible impact it had on different learners. Moreover, the formal recognition of my practice by an external body of peers has been really worthwhile.”

 Kooshan Mirzay Fashami, FHEA

“Applying for Fellowship was an excellent PD opportunity and enabled my learning and teaching practice to be recognised. It also made me think deeply about my learning and teaching approach and practice. It was challenging to complete the application in the initial time frame but the support and flexibility provided by the Navitas L&T team helped keep me on track.”

 Bernadette Hayes, SFHEA

“It was priceless to be involved in the HEA Fellowship journey, through which I could review my past practice in learning and teaching, rethink the approaches used to support my colleagues and respond with a specific action plan for future development.”

Dr. Mingming Dao, SFHEA

“The process requires sustained critical reflection and forces you to articulate what influences you to take action, the action steps you actually took and what evidence exists that your actions were effective. Through articulating this, I gained significant personal and professional insights and validation in relation to my impact on learning and teaching. I really enjoyed the process.”

Ellen Cooper, SFHEA

“Being part of the Fellowship process has reminded me again about the importance of continually engaging myself in reflection and new learning processes because it connects me more closely with my students and the learning experience. The Navitas HEA program was really engaging. It created a community amongst all applicants and this made the entire experience much richer, more collaborative and less daunting.”

Gemma Clarke, SFHEA

“Preparing my Fellowship application was a great opportunity to reflect on career milestones. The guidance and sense of community provided throughout the Navitas program added further value – the insightful feedback helped me explore and assess contributions I made, as well as consolidate valuable lessons learned along the way.”

Karen McRae, SFHEA

“I felt that achieving Senior Fellowship was more than just a recognition. It meant a future within the global HE community, together with my Navitas peers, collaborating to achieve the best for our students. What was unexpected was the discipline the process brought to my daily practice.”

– Santina Sculli, SFHEA

“By undertaking this Senior Fellowship I was able to reevaluate my own academic and teaching practice through the eyes of the HEA, and this has shed a different light on the impact my work has had on students over the last two years. Such recognition has had a knock-on effect on my team also, with more deserved staff recognition to follow in the future I’m sure.”

– David Crowe, SFHEA

“Principal Fellowship was an opportunity for both personal and professional reflection for me, a way to summarise and recognise a diverse range of educational projects and activity over the years.”

Lucy Blakemore, PFHEA

“The honour of becoming a Principal Fellow is only trumped by the extraordinary collegiality Navitas has offered me in the process – the  worthwhile discoveries I made while being challenged to reflect on integrated practice and impact, along with the support I have enjoyed from L&T Navitas and HEA Fellows who were kind to share their learnings.”

Silvija Dobson, PFHEA

Interested in applying for HEA Fellowship?

If you are a Navitas member of staff interested in gaining HEA Fellowship, please contact Christina Del Medico in Learning & Teaching Services for more information.

Please note: As of 21 March 2018, Higher Education Academy became Advance HE, from the merger of the Higher Education Academy with the Equality Challenge Unit, and the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.