Celebrating Navitas Advance HE Fellows

Navitas Learning & Teaching Services (UPA) is delighted to announce that 42 Navitas staff members have recently been awarded Advance HE Fellowship, joining a global community of over 130,000 Fellows in over 90 countries.

Advance HE Fellowships are based on the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and are awarded on the basis of successful and effective demonstration of practice and professional experience within one of the four Descriptors (Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow, Principal Fellow). The Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program supports staff in their application for Fellowship, recognising personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in higher education, and practice, impact and leadership of teaching and learning. To date, a total of 66 (and counting!) Navitas staff members have been awarded Fellowship.

Congratulations to the following Navitas staff on their achievement in 2020, which demonstrates a commendable commitment to excellence in teaching and positive impact on student learning.

Fellowship (FHEA)

  • Dr Brett Farmer (Lecturer, Deakin College)
  • Dilini Eriyawala (Unit Coordinator, Deakin College)
  • Alyce Hogg (Academic Coordinator, La Trobe College Australia)
  • Jason Cormick-Dockery (Student Learning Advisor, La Trobe College Australia)
  • Pantea Aria (Lecturer, La Trobe University Sydney Campus)
  • James Gyasi-Addo (Lecturer, ICRGU)
  • Lili Zhang (Program Coordinator, University of Canberra College)
  • Dan Ashman (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Dino Jacovides (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Honey Crespo (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Jake Astbury (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Laurie Adalian (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Liam Cormac Gould (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Mike McNeills (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Nick Roan (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Sam Cutri (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Zahra Muhsin (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Matthew Bray (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Nicholas Ellmore (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Antonio De Robertis (Lecturer, SAE)
  • Jamie Stonehouse (Lecturer, SAE)

Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)

  • Bronwyn Mortimer (Lecturer, Curtin College)
  • Dr Richard Hewison (Academic Coordinator, Edith Cowan College)
  • Robert Ellis (Acting Academic Director, Edith Cowan College)
  • Robert Ball (Academic Coordinator, Edith Cowan College)
  • Dr Julie Robertson (Academic Coordinator, Edith Cowan College)
  • Dr David Bower (Academic Coordinator, La Trobe College Australia)
  • Dr Sarah Bradbury (Academic Coordinator, La Trobe College Australia)
  • Juliana Kendi (former Director of Studies, La Trobe College)
  • Dr Luke Bozzetto (Academic Coordinator, La Trobe University Sydney Campus)
  • Jane Emmett (Academic Coordinator, SAIBT)
  • Jennifer Khoo (former Academic Coordinator, SIBT)
  • Dr Saad Odeh (Program Convenor, SIBT)
  • Dr Preetinder Kaur (Course Convenor, WSUIC)
  • Andrew Dostine (Academic Coordinator, SAE)
  • Carolina Lohle (L&T Manager, SAE)
  • Dirk Terrill (Academic Coordinator, SAE)
  • Luca Bucciarelli (Dean, SAE)
  • Dr Teresa Rizzo (Academic Coordinator, SAE)

Principal Fellowship (PFHEA)

  • Andreas Friesecke (Academic Manager, SAE)
  • Dr Colin Webber (National Manager of Academic Services, SAE)
  • Perry Horner (National Manager, Faculty Development, SAE)

Below, Fellows from the 2019 Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program share their inspirational accounts of how Fellowship has impacted them:

“Undertaking the Fellowship with Advance HE has allowed me to reflect on the achievements in my career and the principles and pedagogies that underpin my teaching, providing insights into the way I engage with colleagues and share professional practice in an impactful way.  The support and feedback provided through the Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program was invaluable, pushing me to deeper reflection on my professional practice that has helped me not only personally, but professionally.” Bronwyn Mortimer, SFHEA

“Applying for Senior Fellowship was a fantastic opportunity for me to sit and reflect on my career; I realised how much I had actually done for colleagues and what I had achieved for myself. The application was a journey with ups and downs but all was worth it, because now I can actually see what worked to help me achieve the goals for my projects and I have a better idea what to do for action plans in future projects.” Dr David Bower, SFHEA

“Applying for Senior Fellowship seemed to be a bit of a daunting, long process at first, where I’d have to recall all my previous work in education as facilitator of learning and academic leader. However, with the help of Navitas L&T staff and workshops run through the Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program, I was able to focus on the information I needed to gather, reflect on, and submit to Advance HE. It was a really great opportunity to document and assess all my academic work achieved over the past years in a very systematic way. Thank you Navitas L&T for the support you provided to me during this journey.” Dr Saad Odeh, SFHEA

“Applying for Advance HE Fellowship was an excellent professional development opportunity that afforded me time to reflect upon my practice and assess the impact I’ve had on my learners thus far. It was also a great opportunity to have my teaching practice recognised by external bodies.”– Honey Crespo, FHEA

“Taking part in the Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program was a great experience and really helped me to accomplish this goal. It was inspiring to exchange experiences with colleagues from all over the world and very motivating to do this as a group together. The fellowship application was a welcome opportunity to reflect on my academic practice and my impact on learning and teaching at SAE. Thank you to Karen and Christina for bringing us all together, providing us with useful information and organizing several workshops to improve our drafts for the final applications.” Carolina Lohle, SFHEA

Are you interested in applying for Advance HE Fellowship?

If you are a Navitas staff member and you are interested in gaining Advance HE Fellowship, contact Karen McRae (Learning & Teaching Services) for more information.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Navitas Advance HE Fellowship Program has been postponed until further notice.