Empowering Global Citizens: EA Conference

Following the 30th annual English Australia conference in Adelaide, Sophie O’Keefe and Lucy Blakemore share insights from an attendee, speaker and organisational perspective.

Sophie is the Professional Development Manager at English Australia and one of the organisers of the annual conference. Lucy is Head, L&T Networks and Communities within Navitas Learning and Teaching Services and co-presented at the conference on a PD initiative called ‘MeetELT’ (catch a re-run of that presentation here).

Click below to dive into their conference re-cap:

Hungry for more? You can browse the full set of slides from presenters on the English Australia website, and explore the twitter hashtag #EAConf17 to see more insights and live tweets shared throughout the conference. If you want to find out more about the English Australia Conference, please get in touch with Sophie O’Keefe.
Check out some photographs from the conference, below: