Bitesize content creation with H5P

Australia/Sydney 1.30pm | Thurs 30th November
Europe/London 2.30am | Thurs 30th November
USA/ Los Angeles 6.30pm | Wed 29th November

Daniel Moon – Online and Blended: Learning and Teaching Coordinator – ACAP

The average human now has an attention span of 8.25 seconds, a gold fish averages 9 seconds according to Statistic Brain, 2016. So, well I have your attention!

Agreeably that’s an argumentative statistic which is likely to be taken out of contexts for the shock effect; however there are elements of relevance in this. We now live in a faster more connected world where people live busier lives in an almost non-stop blended delivery model. Our phones, and being connected dominates our lives from a social to professional level. This applies to the majority of students too. Delivering content in online bitesize chucks only fits with how we and the world now operate.

This presentation covers a series of examples of how free features available in H5P, an interactive web based HTML5 content creator tool, has been used to break up the density of online content. Examples where features such as image hotspots, virtual revision cards and interactive slides will be presented along with a detailed analysis.