Embracing diversity: Supporting international LGBTQI+ students

Australia/Brisbane 3.00pm | Wed 30 January 2019
USA/Los Angeles 9.00pm | Tue 29 January 2019
Canada/Winnipeg 11.00pm | Tue 29 January 2019
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Louise Kane – Rainbow Hub Founder, Director of Studies and Centre Manager – Navitas English, Brisbane
Tegan McCarthy – Academic Coordinator – Discover English

For an international student, moving to Australia to study is an exciting and amazing experience. Learning a language, immersing in a new culture, and making friends from all over the world is all part of this enriching and rewarding experience.

The international LGBTQI+ student body makes up 10% of the total cohort of students studying in Australia each year, however, an overwhelming number of studies show that there is a feeling of isolation and difficulty in finding a community of support amongst these students.

In this session, Louise Kane and Tegan McCarthy will introduce the Rainbow Hub, a government-funded support group for LGBTQI+ international students in Brisbane. The Rainbow Hub aims to raise awareness, promote and facilitate a supportive environment for international LGBTQI students in the wider community. They will share ideas for how your institution can support your international LGBTQI+ students and ensure they thrive in Australia.