Moderating and Validating Assessments


Open to
Navitas staff LL
Time commitment
3-5 hours L


About this module

How involved are you in moderation processes in your context? How transparent are assessment processes to your students? Have you ever validated an assessment to ensure it measures what it was designed to test? Throughout this module, you will have the opportunity to consider what validation and moderation mean to you in terms of your classroom context. You will look at examples of best practice and strategies from different higher education contexts to review your own practice. In the final assessment you will suggest improvements in the moderation and validation practices for your institution.

Learning outcomes

TEN modules are designed to support you with the delivery of high-quality student experiences, while building teaching capabilities, embracing learning and teaching challenges, and being responsive to changes in education. On successful completion of this module you will be able to:

Knowledge Discuss the importance of participating in assessment moderation and validation
Skills Critique assessment moderation and validation practices against established guidelines and procedures
Application Make recommendations to improve assessment moderation and validation practices

Domain: Enhancing Assessment and Feedback

This collection of capabilities enables you to design and implement assessment practice to enhance student learning.


TEN modules are available on the L&T Moodle platform, and you will have continuous access to the module from when you start. There will be light-touch moderation, various opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction, as well as multiple assessment submission points throughout the year. This module requires approximately 3-5 hours to complete.

Successful completion

Upon successful completion of the final assessment task you will be awarded with a Navitas badge for this module to add to your Credly | Acclaim backpack.