Introducing the PASS program: Pre-arrival success strategies for students

Canada/Winnipeg 6.00pm | Thu 1 November 2018
Australia/Sydney 10.00am | Fri 2 November 2018
UK/London 11.00pm | Thu 1 November 2018
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Robert Daudet – Deputy College Director – International College of Manitoba

PASS (Pre-Arrival Success Strategies) is a free online course for students who will be studying with the International College of Manitoba (ICM) in subsequent terms. The course is designed for students who wish to get a head start on their studies. The course is led by ICM alumni who mentor prospective students in navigating the complexities of their new education system.

Units are delivered over five weeks and cover a variety of topics, including an overview of the learning management system (Moodle), connecting students with their future classmates, understanding essential elements of course outlines, planning for weekly and term schedules, introducing concepts of academic integrity and more. Students have flexibility in choosing which units they wish to complete as they accumulate points for each assessment completed – students who complete achievements within the coursework earn various rewards.

In this event, Robert Daudet will review the course content, share lessons learned from its first iteration, and reveal what’s next for the course.