Building a Peer Education Program at ICM

America/New York 7:30pm | Wed 18th May
Australia/Sydney 9:30am | Thurs 19th May
Europe/London 12:30am | Thurs 19th May

Delvinder Kaur – Student Advisor, ICM
Robert Daudet – Senior Academic Manager, ICM

What makes a successful Peer Education program? This informal Q&A session will share some examples of evolving and adapting strategies to meet the needs of the students and college at ICM (International College of Manitoba, Canada).

Delvinder (Student Advisor and former ICM student) and Robert (Senior Academic Manager) will talk about the development of the Peer Education program at ICM and take us through some key factors contributing to successes and challenges along the way, ultimately creating positive outcomes for academic success, retention and student community.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about ICM students before the session, take a look at this video celebrating a major milestone for ICM graduates!