Strategy Sessions: Improving student engagement through active participation

Australia/Sydney 2.00pm | Mon 21 May 2018
USA/Los Angeles 9.00pm | Sun 20 May 2018
UK/London 5.00am | Mon 21 May 2018

Nicholas Harris –  Lecturer (Discipline of Psychological Sciences) – Australian College of Applied Psychology

Since early 2016, Navitas teachers globally have participated in more than 14,000 hours of professional development in courses run by L&T Services.

Three months after the end of their course, participants are asked to consider what changes they have made to their practice. This series invites those teachers to share a learning and teaching challenge and their strategies and learnings from the process.

Each session includes Q&A discussion with the presenter and other attendees to help you connect with others in the learning and teaching community.

Units such as counselling skills, clinical psychology or social work, are able to engage students due to the clear, practical implications for future careers. In contrast, it is often difficult to engage students in theoretically driven or statistically based units. However, increased student engagement and active learning can be promoted when more opportunities for participation and discussion are provided.

In this presentation, Nicholas Harris will share strategies for better engaging students, whether they are studying online or on campus, or studying theoretical units. Strategies including weekly reflection quizzes, increased interactive activities during tutorials and lectures, and incorporating online consultation times, serve to increase opportunities for students to ask questions and have hands-on practice with the learning materials.