Strategy Sessions: Making project handling easy with Trello

Switzerland/ Zurich 10.00am | Mon 25 June 2018
Australia/ Sydney 6.00pm | Mon 25 June 2018
UK/ London 9.00am | Mon 25 June 2018
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Thomas Ott — Head Instructor (Game Art) — SAE (Zurich)
Samuel Radvila — Academic Coordinator — SAE (Zurich)

Since early 2016, Navitas teachers globally have participated in more than 14,000 hours of professional development in courses run by L&T Services.

Three months after the end of their course, participants are asked to consider what changes they have made to their practice. This series invites those teachers to share a learning and teaching challenge and their strategies and learnings from the process.

Each session includes Q&A discussion with the presenter and other attendees to help you connect with others in the learning and teaching community.

Creative media production is usually a multi-person process which involves many different types of media assets.

Due to this complex process, Thomas Ott and Samuel Radvila have encountered numerous challenges in managing individual student and group projects at SAE Institute Zurich.

In this event, Thomas and Samuel will explore Trello, an easy to use, customizable and powerful project management tool which can be used to organize complex projects. Drawing on their experiences at SAE Institute Zurich, they will demonstrate how staff and students can use it for documenting and managing study projects.