Teachers share their approaches to lesson planning

Australia/Perth 11.00am | Fri 2nd February
Australia/Sydney 2.00pm | Fri 2nd February
USA/Los Angeles 7.00pm | Thurs 1st February

Katharina McMeekin – Lecturer – Curtin College
Mark Lodding – Lecturer – Curtin College

The structure of a lesson is so important. At Curtin College, we encourage the use of lesson planning using templates that consider what the student is doing throughout the lesson, not just what content the teacher is delivering. Having a clear structure for a lesson is also incredibly helpful when teachers need to leave work for a substitute, reflect on their practices or adapt new ideas as a team.

In this session, the panel will explore how we can begin to sequence our learning design through the use of Lesson Plans.
Hear case studies from lecturers at Curtin College who have adapted their own templates and are using them today to have more impact in their teaching as well as to prompt continual reflection and improvement. Mark shares the perspective of coming into education from industry practice and incorporating lesson planning for the first time, and Katharina shares a lesson planning approach that encourages focus on a variety of student-led activities.