Using technology to support student reflection

Australia/Sydney 10.00am | Tue 9 October 2018
US/Los Angeles 4.00pm | Mon 8 October 2018
UK/London 12.00am | Tue 9 October 2018
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Mark Parry – Lecturer (Film) – SAE

Technology. We’re surrounded by it, and so are our tech-savvy students. In many cases, our students are very comfortable with the latest technologies and have a good grasp of how to use them. There is also the emerging student attribute of self-reflection and evaluation: “What went well?”; “What didn’t go so well?”; “How might you improve for next time?”

The challenge is changing the way students, especially adult learners, use these technologies within the classroom when they have already established fixed ways of doing things. With some simple planning, teacher consideration and guidance, these technologies can be used to benefit students’ learning and guide their reflection process.

In this event, Mark Parry will highlight some of the ways he and his colleagues use technology to support student reflection when facilitating face-to-face and blended courses. Mark will show you how everyday technologies can be used to help you support students to reflect upon a range of learning outcomes related to core knowledge and transferable skills including communication, time management, working within a team, problem-solving and developing a strong work ethic.