Views from ASU+GSV: Education innovation and technology

Australia/Sydney 12:00pm | Mon 19th June
Australia/Perth 10:00am | Mon 19th June
Canada/Vancouver 7:00pm | Sun 18th June
Europe/London 3:00am | Mon 19th June

John Wood – CEO of University Partnerships, Australasia – Navitas
Maria Spies – GM Learning and Teaching Services – Navitas
Tim Praill – GM Strategy and Transformation – Navitas

Welcome to the third ‘Big Picture’ event!

Navitas Ventures made its mark last month at ASU+GSV, an annual conference for the education technology and innovation community. For attendees, it’s a chance to be seen and heard by people who want to change the world, whether pitching an education startup idea, raising funds, investing in education, or meeting and connecting with others to share ideas.

With an international delegation including six of our University Partners from Australia, the UK and the US, Navitas participated in sessions and conversations along with 3,500 CEOs, entrepreneurs, educators, investors and industry leaders from around the world, all pushing for change in education.

In this online panel session you’ll hear directly from those who attended about the big ideas, themes and trends from the summit, and have the chance to explore the implications for Navitas and the education industry as a whole. For a quick taste of the summit atmosphere, dip into this one-minute video.

Register below to secure your spot! If you can’t make it, you can still register to receive a recording of the session.

John Wood CEO University Partnerships, Australasia
John has overall responsibility to lead and grow the operations of Navitas’ Australasian University Partnerships colleges and also oversees the relationships with Navitas’ partner universities.

Maria Spies GM, Learning and Teaching Services, Navitas
L&T Services drives and supports innovation across curriculum, teaching and the student experience. Maria also leads the digital learning futures portfolio for Navitas Ventures.

Tim Praill GM, Strategy & Transformation, Navitas
Tim leads Navitas’ global Strategy & Transformation supporting group strategy, corporate development and ventures projects.