Virtually there: Using VR to help migrants settle and prepare for work

Australia/Sydney 2.00pm | Thu 17 January 2019
USA/New York 10.00pm | Wed 16 January 2019
Canada/Vancouver 7.00pm | Wed 16 January 2019
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Michelle Cowans – Trainer – Navitas English
Sue Valdeck – Program Manager, Government Services – Navitas English

The cornerstone of the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) is settlement and employment. How can teachers ensure that they are addressing the settlement needs of their students, while at the same time providing the requisite skills and information needed for work in Australia? An answer could be to walk in the shoes of the Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance) via virtual reality (VR) and experience a day in the life of these people.

In this event, Michelle Cowans and Sue Valdeck will take you through their journey to date using VR in English language teaching (ELT); from Google Expeditions to the creation of local content that will provide students with an experience of different workplaces while at the same time addressing settlement needs.

*Please note: This event is available to Navitas college and business staff only