Excel gradebook spreadsheet: Making it easy to record student grades

At Deakin College, an Excel gradebook spreadsheet was created to support unit coordinators to complete their gradebooks at the end of each trimester, and ensure students had the correct course total based on their marks and the weighting of each assessment.

This Excel gradeboook spreadsheet aims to improve on the existing spreadsheet that has historically been used by reducing human error where possible (by using formulas to prepopulate information, the input of simple information is only required), be easy to use by anyone and capture additional information throughout the trimester.

Tabs in the Excel spreadsheet include:

  • Grades: including information about the student (name, ID number, class, campus, assessments, grade, notes)
  • Assessment information: including the name of the assessments, the available grade and weight
  • Marking collated
  • Distribution of grades
  • Reason for failing
  • Assessment moderation

Watch the video below to learn more from Lauren Angel about the features of the Excel gradebook spreadsheet.

Explore the slides below:

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