Introducing the Student Success Playbook

At the heart of the UPA Student Retention and Success project lies the Student Success Playbook, showcasing examples of Navitas University Partnerships Australasia (UPA) colleges' evidence-based, best-practice processes, strategies, and initiatives that enhance student success across the student lifecycle. Aligned to three domains - student support, belonging and connection, and the learning experience - the Playbook provides comprehensive insights, strategies, and initiatives to foster a holistic approach to student retention and success.

Featuring case study interviews with the staff who led the initiatives and testimonials from the students who have directly benefited from them, the Playbook seeks to inspire leaders and educators to adopt and adapt these innovative approaches within their own institutions. From puppies supporting student mental health, to the impact of mentoring on international students, to the benefits of streamlined timetabling on student engagement and outcomes - all these initiatives, and more, are explored in the new UPA Student Success Playbook.

The initial five case studies illustrate the diverse array of strategies and initiatives on offer across our colleges to support our students' academic success, sense of belonging and connection, and wellbeing and mental health.

Read a teaser below, then head over to the Playbook to dive into the full case studies.

- "Puppies lend a paw to support student and staff wellbeing at La Trobe College Australia" - La Trobe College Australia. Academic Coordinator Dr David Bower explains how dogs and puppies are supporting La Trobe College Australia staff and student wellbeing via the PAWSS (Puppies Assisting Wellbeing for Staff and Students) program.

- "A one-stop-shop for student wellbeing and academic support: Designing the LTCA Wellbeing Hub" - La Trobe College Australia. La Trobe College Australia Student and Academic Services Manager Niki Kim explains how the college sought to support student wellbeing and mental health by streamlining access to support services via the creation of the LTCA Wellbeing Hub.

- "Supporting students to balance study, work, and life: Deakin College's streamlined timetable initiative" - Deakin College. Academic Coordinators, Bridget Morrissey and Jeffrey Skolnick explain how the streamlined timetable program, provides the structure and flexibility required to support students to balance study, work, and life.

- "Adding up for success in STEM: the Griffith College Core Maths Skills Initiative" - Griffith College. Health Science and Science Program Convenor Tessa Daal and Engineering, IT, and Mathematics Program Convenor, Maria Aneiros explain how the program equips students with the skills and knowledge required for academic success.

- "Today's students, tomorrow's leaders: Exploring mentoring opportunities at CELUSA" - Centre for English Language in the University of South Australia. Lorena Ajuria, ELICOS Senior Teacher at the CELUSA explains how the college's mentoring opportunities support students to consolidate their academic and personal strengths beyond the classroom

Further case studies are being actively solicited. If you're interested in sharing your own case study, get in touch with the L&T team at