Appsolutely! Class Tools: ready-made resources to use with students

Recently heard about a new app you’d like to try in your teaching? Perhaps you’re pondering some new ways to tackle a learning and teaching challenge? Come and join us for the latest in this series of events looking at educational apps and tools, and explore how they can be aligned with a range of pedagogical approaches.

This regular, short session is presented by a diverse range of educators sharing what they’ve learned through their own practice. Each session includes:

  • An overview of a particular teaching and learning challenge
  • Introduction to the app or tool
  • How it can be used in teaching
  • Q&A and discussion (if you’ve tried it yourself, come along and share your own experiences!)

Today’s app: Class Tools
Class Tools is a free online resource which enables you to create games, quizzes and other activities.
The Random Name Picker is particularly useful for ensuring all students have equal opportunities to participate – they wait with baited breath to see if it’s their turn to go next. The Jigsaw is great for consolidating knowledge. Students have to spot connections and piece together the jigsaw in a way that makes sense. The Dustbin game is good for vocabulary. Students have to drop words into the correct bin. The quicker they are, the better their score.

These are just three of the many templates/tools available. Bev gives a quick demonstration of each of these and hopefully enable you to see how you can make use of them in your own classes.

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