PR for PD: Harnessing individual energy to empower institutions in professional development

English Language Centres are full of passionate individuals who provoke discussion and seek to challenge the way people think or the way things are done.

When it comes to teacher development, English Language Teaching leaders often design programs and processes to transform individual energy into institutional outcomes when provision of platforms may elevate the organisation best.

In this recording, Clare Magee and Fiona Wiebusch share practical tools that have proven successful in promoting teacher-led professional development initiatives in their large-scale English Language Centres in Australia and Southeast Asia. They also share insights garnered through evidence and experience of creating the right space for organisational change towards growth in professional development (Kotter, 1995; Hamel & Zanini, 2014).

A short format of this talk was presented at the LAMSIG & TDSIG pre-conference event at IATEFL in April 2018 and English Australia Conference, October 2018.

Explore the slides below:

To continue the conversation, contact Clare Magee or Fiona Wiebusch, or share your thoughts and ideas about how to promote professional development in your organisation via YammerTwitter or LinkedIn.


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