Getting your hands dirty. Designing practical activities to scaffold towards a learning objective

Ever been given a class to teach that has 52 slides and an hour to deliver? You end up reading off the notes. The class is bored, you’re bored, but hey, the content was delivered.

For anyone who’s ever been bored by their content, there is a solution, and it’s called action. Do something, anything, so long as it brings the students into the room, puts them in the moment, and treats them like a living breathing collaborator in the classroom.

This recording is about how Darcy Yuille got his students to build a small project into a boring class. The project was ultra simple, cost $30 and helped the students understand physically the content and theory of the class.

This presentation was produced as part of a final activity in FoLTO – Blended Learning Essentials where participants contributed to a wealth of resources on strategies to assist the challenges of blended learning. For more information about the FoLTO suite of courses and other Moodle professional development courses check out the Moodle PD page.

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