Journey to the centre of assessment

Assessment is the cash nexus of learning – it is where the payoff is for our students, where all their effort is rewarded with marks or grades.

When we design our assessment, we indicate to our students what is important and what they should focus on.  In this presentation, Ann explores a number of theories that focus on assessment design such as:

  • Constructive alignment – why aligning what we teach, with the way we teach it, with the way we assess it is important
  • Supporting learning – how assessment supports learning and how it is central to student learning
  • Authentic assessment –  including the issues of assessment design and workload from the perspective of both students and markers

Watch this recording to find out more on designing assessment and the impact it has on student learning.

See below to view the slides from the presentation:

For more information, please contact Learning and Teaching Services or connect with her on Yammer.