Lemons, Catastrophic Climate Change, and e-Portfolios: Implementing sustainable course-wide assessments

In a recent paper co-authored with Sarah Timbs, Glenn Anderson introduced a “simple, non-intrusive and efficient way of measuring English language proficiency that is independent of the commitment of lecturers and tutors, or even the interest level of students” that would “provide a foundation for measuring the impact of ELP strategies as well as encouraging students to take an interest in their ELP from entry to exit”. In this video, Glenn takes a closer look at the incentives of course-wide assessments such as e-Portfolios for student engagement, graduate recruiters, and critically the engagement of academic staff in its implementation.

Paper – http://ctl.curtin.edu.au/events/conferences/tlf/tlf2016/refereed/anderson.pdf

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See below to view the slides from the presentation: