Linguistically Responsive Teaching: Strategies to support international students and language learners

The University of Idaho Global Student Success Program
Spring 2018 Lecture Series – Lecture 1

In this recording, Margot Volem, M.Ed., Student Success Manager for the Global Student Success Program, presents key theories in second language acquisition (SLA) research. Margot sheds light on complex processes that take place when multilingual learners learn content in a new language. She brings SLA theories to life through vivid examples and also discusses some of their limitations. This lecture paints a comprehensive picture of how theory can be applied in practice.

Access the videos in the lecture recording below:

Video 1: (@9:25) Accents (Fair Housing PSA): Makes a point about assumptions we make about people based on their language.
Video 2: (@16:34) Grammar, Identity, and the Dark Side of the Subjenctive: Phuc Tran at TEDxDirigo: An example of ‘whorfism’.
Video 3: (@32:53) Segment of the documentary ‘Do you Speak American’: An example of Linguistically Responsive Instruction.

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