The power of white space: reducing technical confusion for students and teachers

The online space can be daunting and the confusion of buttons can deter students. In this recording, Christy Dena and Ian Dixon share approaches they’ve used to reduce the confusion online technologies can provoke in both students and teachers. Christy discusses the ways she has reduced the cognitive load of a text-dominant Moodle interface. When you’re presented with new concepts, a screen full of text can increase the perceived complexity of the topic.

Christy shares some of her recent approaches to help students focus on the ideas rather than the screen. Ian reiterates that simplicity is key and demonstrate the transference of face-to-face teaching skills into the online space. We should remember that the face-to-face environment is becoming increasingly virtual, because negotiating sites, apps, vimeo clips and moodle docs is now standard practice in real space classrooms.

For more information, please contact Christy Dena – or Ian Dixon