QILT Uncovered: Helping student choose where to study

Scott Dickson, Dean Academic & Executive NPI and a member of the Government’s working group on QILT, Quality Indicators in Learning and Teaching presents on some of the surveys and implications of this work, along with his colleague, Robert Pastorelli, Deputy Registrar and Director, Student Retention and Success Registrar, NPI.

In this seminar, Scott outlined the suite of surveys for higher education that cover the student life cycle from commencement to employment. He also details the reporting of data, and how prospective students (and other interested parties) can access findings from the QILT surveys. Importantly, the seminar explores the implications for private providers being part of the QILT process.

QILT is an Australian HE regulatory standard. For more information about QILT – https://www.qilt.edu.au/

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