Reflective practice and resilience: The key to improving student engagement

Reflection. We hear this word all the time, and we often assign reflective assignments to students, but what if we allow students to help us reflect on our work as teachers? Would students have a greater appreciation for the material shared? Would there be motivation to make significant changes to how the course is designed? Would we have the tools to make the course more engaging?

If student engagement is on your mind and you want an honest reflection from someone who is actively pursuing this goal, then this presentation is for you. Using the concepts learned in the Navitas Engagement & Motivation course, Celia Brockway has sought to increase student engagement in her courses. In this recording, Celia shares what she learned in Engagement & Motivation, her plan to increase student engagement, and the results of her efforts.

Explore the slides below:

You can access Brookfield’s CIQ survey here. Learn more about upcoming Navitas PD courses here.

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