Retention drivers: Unpacking what works at SAE

Retaining students to successful outcomes is arguably the most important performance indicator for any educational institution but remains one of the most complex and challenging tasks.

At Navitas, all colleges, campuses and divisions are focussed on student retention and there are many initiatives underway in this area. As part of a 2020 Strategic Project on retention, Learning and Teaching Services has been investigating and evaluating current practice both within our colleges and externally, developing a Retention Driver Tree to identify the activities that make a difference throughout the student experience.

In this recording, Maria Spies (GM, Learning and Teaching Services) explains the Retention Driver Tree model and shares how some of these elements work in practice and Michele Ernst (Dean of USA, SAE) and Gabriel Jones (National Director of Academics USA, SAE) talk about their successful retention initiatives and how these link back to the Retention Driver Tree.

[Recording available to Navitas staff only. To watch the full webinar and discussion, follow this link to Yammer.]