Sharing Practice: Teaching with Technology | Labels, hyperlinks & ThingLink

The move to the new Navitas Core Moodle is an exciting opportunity to learn about the features and reflect on how you could enhance your learning and teaching context.

To support teachers to make the most of this Moodle upgrade, the teachers are able to access a range of resources and professional development offerings. One such offering is the 4-week facilitated course ‘Building in Navitas Core Moodle’. This course gives content creators and editors the opportunity to work in their own sandbox developing resources and activities which they showcase at the end.

The latest group has now finished the course and are showcasing their thoughts and final course designs. Come along to this regular event to see how the participants applied the various Moodle resources and activities to support their pedagogical aims, and watch as they take you on a tour of their Moodle spaces.

Showcased activities:

Labels as hyperlinks & Socrative
In this recording, Niva Kaspi demonstrates using labels as hyperlinks and linking these to books in Moodle. Niva also talks about using Socrative and how it is used within ECC.

Rachel Maissan demonstrates the use of ThingLink, which is an online software for annotating and sharing visual content. Rachel discusses the main features of ThingLink and demonstrate its ease and ability to embed into Moodle.