Strategies for giving effective written feedback to international students

The University of Idaho Global Student Success Program
Spring 2018 Lecture Series – Lecture 3

Have you ever been overwhelmed with grading, plowing through piles of essays with frustration at the tediousness of corrections?

In Chad Eller’s presentation, you will learn to reposition your role as an error-corrector to one of “fellow traveler” alongside your students’ ideas. In a refreshing and informed look at giving student feedback on writing, Chad uses examples from his own reflections on grading to help faculty to avoid common pitfalls. Instead of focusing on all issues in a student’s paper, the presentation shows how responding as a reader helps to focus globally on students’ ideas, prioritizing key points and rhetorical fit.

The talk also emphasizes how staying positive with student success, ultimately helps student learning in the context of writing several drafts of a paper, in addition to supporting faculty labor and morale. Other complex questions surface in the discussion, such as whether to have several rubrics for each draft of a paper, and how learning about our English language learner students’ native languages can give instructors useful insights into issues of language interference.

Access the slides from the presentation below.

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