Welcome videos to generate [REC]: rapport, engagement and interactive communities of practice

The digital transformation of learning and teaching is progressing ever more rapidly. One of the main challenges with blended learning, a combined form of delivery both online and in classrooms, has proven to be a lack of learner engagement.

The main response to this issue so far has been to incorporate digital technology, for example, by delivering lesson content via apps such as Nearpod or supplementing classroom communication activities with interactive online communication games such as Kahoot! or online quizzes.

In this recording, Ashley Carmody offers an alternative approach to increasing engagement in blended learning environments. By simply adding a brief teacher welcome video on your LMS prior to the first face-to-face interaction, you’ll build [R]apport, increase [E]ngagement and foster [C]ommunities of practice, therefore establishing a more personal and positive classroom experience online.

He briefly covers research on the [REC] effect, provides step-by-step tips on how to create a welcome video, and showcases some welcome videos via Padlet.

Explore the Prezi slides here.

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