SAE Paris campus extension: Enhancing cross-media collaboration

Current trends in post-secondary education indicate that we are in a period of unprecedented growth and transformation, where institutions are constantly adapting and prospective students opt to get more practical learning. Education nowadays, particularly in the field of creative media, is happening out in the field through immersive and exchangeable experiences and technology.

In December 2015, SAE Paris was presented with the opportunity to take over the ground floor of the existing building and expand the campus. We immediately asked ourselves the question: “What should a 21st century campus look like?”

As of June 2018, the new campus offers high-tech innovation spaces to attract new students and enrich the experience of current students. From interactive computer-based labs to small-scale creative hubs and project rooms, our students now have the opportunity to nurture the soft skills industry leaders increasingly want. We unveiled the following facilities:

  • classrooms equipped with computers and high-end software
  • a post-production studio
  • a high-tech and comfortable common space for students and staff to collaborate
  • a top-notch adaptable 120-seat auditorium, serving as a Dolby 5.1 cinema, classroom, conference amphitheatre or live music concert hall.

The mission to grow in the disciplines of interactive animation and game development meant a dedicated artistic room for the design of video games and 3D animation was provided. In light of this, we also decided to adjust the shape of our new campus with the objective of providing practical navigation to students and staff to enhance cross-disciplinary learning.

Take a look at the SAE Paris extension in the gallery below:

We wanted to focus less on traditional lectures and isolated study and more on project-based learning and cross-campus collaboration. Lecturers are already developing more sophisticated and interactive lessons, for example, by using virtual reality technology or by interacting with students using mobile technology in the classroom as students are likely to have one or more mobile devices.

A look at SAE Paris campus

Have a look at the recap for the campus extension in this time-lapse video:

Have a look at the complete campus here:

The new Parisian campus certainly marks a new beginning and we are all confident that students are being given the best chance to succeed in their learning by this new interactive space.

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