Creating a simple online welcome video – come on in!

Creating a welcome video in your online class space has proven to be effective in getting students engaged right from the very start. It’s an excellent way to introduce the most essential parts of your course and if access is given before face-to-face classes begin, students can learn about the course at a time and place that suits them, as well as take a peek at their teacher.

A lot of teachers want to upload a video but find it time-consuming and fiddly. Personally I don’t easily improvise in front of the camera, so rather than try and muddle through multiple takes I’ve found a more structured approach helps to get the job done.

This little guide is just one way to shoot a video but I’ve found it fairly fast and effective after a little bit of practice. It focuses on the preparation and recording process, and can be condensed down to about 8 steps.


Here’s one we did for the L&T FoLTO Blended Learning Course. This is by no means perfect, but it might give you some ideas you can build on. Take a look:

How do you record welcome videos? Share your ideas (or challenges!) with Jon via Yammer or contact him at