Promoting a culture of academic integrity at Griffith College

Griffith College is a higher education pathway provider that prepares students for their future university studies. In addition to developing discipline knowledge and skills, all students at Griffith College undertake academic skills training, consisting of skills such as academic language and writing, referencing, critical thinking, research, and academic integrity.

The proliferation and availability of new types of technology, and lack of awareness of what constitutes academic misconduct, are examples of factors that sometimes contribute to a student conducting academic misconduct or performing poorly in assessment tasks. Consolidating basic academic skills through a college-wide Academic Skills course, accessible through Griffith College’s learning management system, has helped students build a solid foundation and understanding of academic skills. While early in its implementation, it has already significantly contributed towards a decline in integrity breaches across the college, down to 2.9% in Trimester 1 2021 from 6.7% in Trimester 1 2020. Through this course, students work with their subject lecturers, who tailor the training to the specific learning skills needed for each discipline, thus helping the students see a direct link and relevance to their studies.

Staff at Griffith College also complete online modules to ensure that everyone covers the most pertinent aspects of academic skills (including academic integrity policies) and hold the same expectations as students. Lecturers also have access to a Moodle course where they can seek further information and engage with each other, building a sense of community and support.

The successful implementation of the Academic Skills course at Griffith College is attributed to not only the new training and resources, but also the level of engagement from staff and students. This two-pronged approach equips students with the skills and knowledge of what constitutes breaches of academic integrity, and staff learn how and why students may breach academic integrity to help make academic integrity a positive part of students’ journeys.

To read the full case study “Promoting a culture of academic integrity at Griffith College with academic skills training” published by Oxford University Press, click here. For more information, or to continue the discussion with Patricia Jones, Program Convenor (Diploma of Health Care at Griffith College), involved in the development and implementation of the restructured Academic Skills course, email

Oxford University Press. (2021). Promoting A Culture Of Academic Integrity At Griffith College with Academic Skills Training. Retrieved October 15, 2021.

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