Adding to the view | Global Teacher Technology Survey

The Navitas Global Teacher Technology Survey explores how technology is used in diverse learning and teaching contexts at Navitas. Building on qualitative and quantitative research in classrooms and colleges, the 2019 report provides our second global view of teacher behaviours and attitudes towards using technology.

The purpose of this research is to gain an understanding of teacher experiences, expectations and needs around technology in teaching, and contribute to existing industry knowledge in this area. Drawing on data gathered from 1,623 teaching staff at over 90 Navitas colleges/campuses in 20 countries around the world, our findings highlight some familiar aspects of technology and its potential to connect people, places, systems and experiences in learning and teaching, helping us to make connections across seemingly disparate colleges and learning contexts.

Findings and insights are used to support strategic priorities in technology for teaching and learning across Navitas, including:

  • Measurement of progress against goals related to the use of technology in teaching
  • Data to inform technology policies and procedures
  • Information suitable for internal and external bench-marking
  • Feedback to inform teacher capability development strategies

View the highlights from the 2019 global summary below:

Many thanks to Navitas Academic Managers, College Directors and other contributors who helped to design and encourage participation in this survey. Thanks also to our Navitas teachers worldwide for taking the time to contribute and share experiences with the Navitas community.

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[This article was written in collaboration with Yindta Whittington]