How to share your learning and teaching knowledge

The Learning and Teaching at Navitas website (L&T website for short) is a global platform for Navitas teaching staff to share their ideas in the form of projects, initiatives, innovations, pilots, trials, and research outputs.

In this recording, Lucy Blakemore (previous Head, Operations and Insights) and Jen Ng (previous Networks and Communities Officer) show you how to craft your teaching and learning experiences and knowledge into a shareable resource. Lucy looks at the culture and benefits of sharing and explains how we find and share stories to bring the global community together. Jen uses current examples of articles and webinars to help give you ideas for sharing and insights into what it takes to contribute.

Explore the slides below:

For more information about the website, contact Learning and Teaching at Navitas, or share this article with any colleagues who may be interested in learning more about how they can share their learning and teaching knowledge on the website.