Navitas Core Moodle Roadmap

Navitas Core Moodle (NCM) is our own version of Moodle that is designed to meet our needs out of the box but can be further customised to meet the needs of individual business units.

The Roadmap for Navitas Core Moodle

In order to ensure that the learning platform which supports many of our businesses is up to date, secure and meets our students’ and partners’ expectations a new version of Navitas Core Moodle will be released towards the end of every calendar year.

Each release of NCM will include additional features and functionality that have either been included by Moodle or chosen by our users to ensure that NCM offers our users the most current tools, standards and features that are available.

Every second release of NCM will involve changing the version of the underlying Moodle code to the Moodle Long Term Support version that is current at the time. These versions of Moodle are guaranteed to provide longer term security support from Moodle HQ making sure that NCM remains safe from software bugs and security issues.

Working together

Navitas business units will be expected to upgrade to the most current version of NCM every 2 years, however some businesses will choose to upgrade annually. This approach allows both businesses and Navitas IT to plan for this work in advance and ensure that the upgrade happens when resources are best available. Processes are being developed with Navitas IT to ensure this upgrade process is as smooth as possible.

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