Celebrating our newest Navitas Advance HE Fellows (2023)

Today we celebrate the 200th Advance HE Fellowship awarded to Navitas educators! Following their participation in the 2023 Navitas Advance HE Fellowship program, 47 new Navitas educators have been awarded Fellowship for their dedication to continuously advancing the standards of higher education and delivering the best student learning experience possible.

The Navitas Advance HE Fellowship program supports Navitas academic staff in their journey towards achieving the prestigious Advance HE Fellowship. As a program with a global scope, the Navitas Advance HE Fellowship program thrives on the wealth of global expertise, collaboration, and feedback from diverse perspectives. The yearly program is currently being reviewed and updated with the latest Advance HE Professional Standards Framework (2023) and refreshed with additional interactive and collaborative tasks for participants.

Furthermore, current Navitas Advance HE Fellows will have the opportunity to act as mentors, provide feedback, and continue their journey through a community of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing. Their engagement with the incoming cohorts is a symbiotic relationship that not only ensures that the program remains at the cutting edge of educational advancements, but also fosters a dynamic community where experienced Fellows play an integral role in guiding and shaping the next generation of Navitas educators. Their involvement as mentors and ongoing learners exemplifies the program’s commitment to reflection on professional practice and lifelong learning.


Fellows from the 2023 program have shared their reflections on their Advance HE Fellowship experience:

The process of applying for Senior Fellowship with Advance HE has been an intense curation of a five-year history of professional practice, set in a rigorous analytical framework of core values, knowledge, and activities. The past five years have been anything but normal – a deep understanding and appreciation for how one has grown from them and contributed professionally holds a value that is hard to quantify. – Jonathan Brown (SFHEA) | Lecturer, SIBT, Sydney

Writing the FHEA application was a unique and reflective challenge culminating in a rewarding experience. I am grateful for the support I received from the Navitas Team and mentors throughout the process. Their guidance, feedback, and unwavering support helped me reflect on my teaching practices and communicate them effectively. Achieving FHEA signifies not only growth as an educator but also the unwavering commitment of teaching into Higher Education. I encourage anyone seeking to develop and reflect on their teaching practice to consider the Navitas Advance HE program. – Melissa Walker (FHEA) | Lecturer, LTCA, Melbourne

Preparing my Fellowship application between February and June, was an amazing experience. I started with trepidation, not believing that I had done enough that would be “Fellowship worthy” in each of the five categories. I attended all the online sessions with Karen and the other candidates and found them to be extremely helpful. Working on my application, and reflecting on what I had done, changed, modified, and implemented over the years gave me a sense of clarity and confidence about my own teaching practices. A most worthwhile project. Jacqueline Mackenzie (FHEA) | Lecturer, WSUIC, Sydney

Achieving FHEA was an immensely rewarding journey for me, both on a personal and professional level. It afforded me the valuable opportunity to introspect and evaluate my teaching methodologies and experiences from the past few years. Throughout the application process, I received unwavering support from Navitas, benefiting from their constructive feedback during various stages and engaging workshops. Personally, it has instilled a profound sense of purpose and reinforced my commitment to continuous improvement in my teaching methods. – Dr Shivani Mehta (FHEA)| Lecturer, Brunei Pathway College, UK

Participating in the Advance HE Fellowship program has been a transformative journey for me as an educator. It has provided a renewed sense of purpose, connecting me with a supportive community of like-minded professionals, and inspiring a continuous commitment to improving my teaching practice. Attaining FHEA, along with the framework of Navitas’ ‘Evidencing Professional Practice in HE’ microcredential, has enriched my dedication to education and my professional journey, and has allowed me to focus my career aspirations toward the future. Amy Common (FHEA) | Faculty Development Lead, SAE Sydney

Being awarded an SFHEA has given me a profound sense of purpose within my teaching, learning and leadership responsibilities. I am sincerely grateful for the constructive feedback and unlimited support provided by Navitas T&L team that accompanied this journey. Engaging in this reflective process has prompted me to scrutinise my practices more thoughtfully, compelling me to identify areas for improvement and acknowledge where I could have performed better in the past. This experience has also empowered me to evolve as a more effective leader. Indu Wadhawan (SFHEA) | Program Coordinator, SAIBT, Adelaide


Fellows from the 2023 program include:

Principal Fellows (PFHEA)

Mona Umpathy – SAIBT, Adelaide

Felicity Inns – ICP, Portsmouth


Senior Fellows (SFHEA)

Owen Makin – Deakin College, Melbourne

Tamara Camilleri – Deakin College, Melbourne

Charlotte Kessler – Griffith College, Brisbane

Indu Wadhawan – SAIBT, Adelaide

Jonathan Brown – SIBT, Sydney

Christina Samios – ACAP, Sydney

Resh Ramasamy – ACAP, Brisbane

Jessica Hughes – SAE, Brisbane

Nitu Gupta – LGSC, Leicester

Chirag Dattani – LGSC, Leicester

Patricia Opoku-Wusu – ICRGU

Roshanak Zarabi – BPC, London

Peter Obukadeta – BPC, London


Fellows (FHEA)

Endah Ibrahim – Curtin College, Perth

Aravinthan Arumugan – Curtin College, Perth

Gulisong Nasierding – Deakin College, Melbourne

Nicole Bridges – Deakin College, Melbourne

Inez Chai – Griffith College, Brisbane

Robert Barker – La Trobe College Australia, Melbourne

Melissa Walker – La Trobe College Australia, Melbourne

Angela Martin – UCIC, Christchurch

Jacqueline Mackenzie – WSUIC, Sydney

Ehsan Gatavi – WSUSCC, Sydney

Keqin Xiao – WSUSCC, Sydney

Marlee King – ACAP, Sydney

Cathy Stephens – SAE, Brisbane

Stephen O’Connell – SAE, Brisbane

Ryan Brennan – SAE, Perth

Amy Common – SAE Sydney

Michaela Boyce – ACAP, Brisbane

Margot Hrabak – LULC, Leipzig

Despoina Farmaki – BPC, London

Bee Surmsuk – BPC, London

Navid Dorudian – BPC, London

Sian Lewis – TSCU, Swansea

Kelly Roberts – TCSU, Swansea

Erik Darling – TCSU, Swansea

Debbie Ball – TCSU, Swansea

Clair Edwards – TCSU, Swansea

Shivani Mehta – BPC, London

Elizabeth Farebrother – BPC, London


Associate Fellows (AFHEA)

Rhenu Bhagotra – NUKH, Manchester

Jake Piper- NUKH, Abingdon

Syafawati Hasbi – ICRGU, Aberdeen

Shelly Jones – LGSC, Leicester


The next Navitas Advance HE Fellowship program will commence in February 2024. For further details contact Karen McRae, Manager (Academic Education) at Learning and Teaching Services.

Photo by Brett Garwood on Unsplash