Celebrating SIBT’s 25th anniversary!

Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT) celebrated its 25th anniversary with a commemorative event at the Hyde Park campus in Sydney on 1 December. SIBT and Navitas staff, student ambassadors, and over 40 agent partners attended the event. Special guests, Bev Hudson (University Partnerships Australasia CEO), Morwenna Shahani (Executive General Manager), and Florian Staerk (SIBT College Principal) delivered speeches honouring the milestones and achievements of SIBT staff over the past 25 years.

As guests entered the atrium for speeches, food, drinks, and live music, they walked through a ‘passage through time’ with images and quotes from SIBT staff and students on the walls depicting major SIBT milestones.

Quotes included:

  • “Providing quality education and a great student experience is at the heart of everything we do at SIBT, which has nurtured the most amazing culture of community. I am honoured to be a part of the SIBT family, and so proud of everything we have achieved over the past 25 years! Bring on the next 25!” – Peta Bollen (SIBT Academic Director)
  • “We don’t just teach here. SIBT is a culture, founded on student wellbeing and outcomes. We put students first in all that we do and have been for 25 years. I am proud to contribute and be a part of an institution that delivers on this.” – Bernadette Mackinnon (SIBT Director of Marketing and Admissions)
  • “SIBT values academic excellence and integrity. Here I found a family and people who really care for me.” – Tanzima Ahmed (Student Ambassador of the Year, now WSUSCC student)

In addition to celebrating over 25,000 graduates since 1997, a highly notable milestone was the partnering with Western Sydney University and the establishment of the Western Sydney University Sydney City Campus in 2016. Another achievement was the positive QILT scores during the pandemic (despite the decline recorded in the sector) and the high student satisfaction rate.






“Words can’t explain how proud I am that this year SIBT has achieved a student satisfaction rate of 81%, outperforming the sector average of 74%. We have been able to increase our score from 77% in 2019, to 79% in 2020 and now breaking through the 80% hurdle with 81% in 2021,” said SIBT Director of Marketing and Admissions, Bernadette Mackinnon.

Long-standing SIBT academic staff members, including Pauline McAlary, Virginia Mandelburger, Matthew Mansour and Krish Ramathan, joined the event, as did past SIBT graduates who are now employed by the college, including Simon Wang, Rahul Sinha, Radhika Prasanna, and Cassandra Bellett. Former student and SIBT staff member, Nate Henderson (Associate Director at Study NSW), and Simon Kwok (Associate Director at ACIC and long-term agent partner) also gave a speech at the event, praising the dedication of SIBT staff.






Over the next year, SIBT will be using the 25-year logo and will continue to showcase what has made the college successful over the past 25 years by focusing on student support and engagement, which is at the heart of everything SIBT staff do!

Photos provided by SIBT. For more information contact learningandteaching@navitas.com.