Cheers to our L&T comm-YOU-nity!

This website was launched to provide a place for inspiring people to kick-start conversations, connections and collaborations here at Navitas. As a community, you’ve grown from 85 authors and contributors in 2016 to 231 in 2018! And you’ve been sharing more than ever before, with a total of 616 posts and events and over 210,000 page views since launch. Here are some of the themes you shared and engaged with this year:

  • Academic integrity
    • Challenges of plagiarism, back translation, collusion and contract cheating continued to drive educators to explore new strategies for addressing and supporting academic integrity.
  • Innovative technology in the classroom
    • The gamification of lesson activities (using Kahoot!, Socrative, quizzes) added engagement and energy to formative feedback processes.
    • Innovative uses of technologies in teaching (Virtual Reality in Navitas English) offered new insights and perspectives on the student experience.
    • The Global Student Technology Survey report provided our first global view of student behaviours and attitudes towards using technology in learning.
  • Supporting student wellbeing
    • Creating student communities outside the classroom demonstrated having a positive impact on students’ wellbeing and sense of belonging.
    • Resources were developed and shared to empower teachers and students to better understand and address mental health issues.
  • Internationalizing the classroom
    • Internationalized professional development opportunities enabled teaching staff to engage with the needs of international students and connected our global community in cross-cultural conversations.
  • Preparing students for the workplace
    • Nurturing skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and emotional intelligence remained a key focus across many of our colleges and institutions.

Whether you teach directly, support teaching staff or manage the environments in which learning happens, we love hearing about the benefits you get from engaging with the diverse Navitas learning and teaching contexts. We hope this space continues to offer a chance for reflection, a source of inspiration and a catalyst for change.

A huge thanks to all those who have taken the time to create and share! Here’s what the global Navitas learning and teaching community shared in 2018:

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Thinking about creating or sharing something next year? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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